Riverside Ranch B W Bailee #N1549761
DOB: 2-23-2011
Sire: Heritage-Song Barbed Wire
Dam: Riverside Ranch A F Zaida


Bailee was my first Nubian. She is the herd queen and wears that crown proudly. Miss Bailee is responsible for what I have today. She is a special girl and put up with me as I learned and never missed a chance to teach me something about herself and her fellows. (Such as how curious they are, or that they are in fact very picky eaters, escape artists, etc.) She is my sidekick. Bailee is an excellent mother that has raised her own kids every year for me, while also contributing to the milk pail.

Bailee’s sire appraised 87VVV at three years old. Her dam received a permanent appraisal score of 92EVEE

cramit_20161102_08165520170221_114306Bailee’s udder 2016

unnamed4Bailee’s doe twins 2016

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