Riverside Ranch B W Bailee
#1549761 Purebred

Sire: Heritage-Song Barbed Wire VVV 87
Grand-sire: Little-Bic’s Cinn-A-Bar
Grand-dam: SGCH Heritage-Song Breakaway Barbie EEEE 91

Dam: SG Riverside Ranch A F Zaida EVEE 92
Grand-sire: Lakeshore-Farms Allied Force EEE 92
Grand-dam: SG Riverside Ranch WRE Godiva EEEE 90


Bailee will always be special, she was the start of a love for goats. She was the herd queen and my right-hand ‘gal. Bailee kidded with twins each year and raised them well herself, she was an outstanding mother. We had an understanding- I got the morning milk and the kids got the rest! Bailee loved to lay on the porch with me and snack on pretzels. She put up with a lot from me as I was learning how to deal with my goats. She was always the first one at the gate and stayed on my heels until I left.