Goat Care

What follows is a general summary of what I do in my herd. Goat husbandry methods vary widely, and what works for one may not be the best for another. I do what works for my goats. As always, if you have a serious issue please seek veterinary advice.

Raising Kids
I start newborn kids off with twenty ounces of colostrum, when they finish that then they go to milk. For the first month they receive four bottles a day, for the second month they receive three bottles a day, for the third month they receive two bottles a day, and the fourth month they receive one bottle a day.

Kids are raised on cocci prevention using di-methox 12%  Starting at three weeks old and continuing until weaning age. They are dosed five consecutive days every month. The first day they receive 1cc per 5 pounds and for the following days receive 1cc per 10 pounds.

CDT shots are given at four, eight, and twelve weeks of age.

I feed a 16% dairy ration as a general feed. All goats get a serving of this every day. Loose minerals, salt, and baking soda are available free choice. All goats have access to grass hay and pasture at all times. Does also have free choice access to alfalfa pellets.

Milking does receive as much on the stand as they can eat while being milked. On the stand they receive Heritage Mare & Foal (16/5) top dressed with calf manna.

Medication / General Health
I give Molly’s herbal wormer weekly to all, this has reduced the need for chemical worming and improved overall condition. However I still administer chemical wormers when needed. FAMACHA is monitored weekly and fecals done at random or as needed. When I have to worm, I use one of the following: Valbazen for tapes, at 1cc per 10 pounds, Cydectin (pour-on) at 1cc per 20 pounds, Ivermectin at 1cc per 40 pounds. I always give wormers orally. Does are always wormed after kidding.

All adults receive a yearly CDT booster shot. I do not vaccinate for anything else.

All goats receive a copper bolus in the spring and again in the fall. Replamin is given after kidding or any sickness. Probiotics are given after worming, kidding, or sickness.

Health Testing
New arrivals will be tested for CAE, CL, and Johnees. I will test the entire herd annually for CAE and results will be available on ‘The Herd’ page.

All Nubians will be tested for G6S and have their results listed on their page, any positives will be culled. (Currently in the process of starting this testing, the herd will be tested by the end of 2018)

There has never been an abscess on any member of the herd, therefore I do NOT test annually for CL.