Krause Farms Dottie 1*M
#1672872 American

Sire: Magick Circle Jack Dragon
Grand-Sire: SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault +*B VEE 90
Grand-dam: Hard-Scrapple J V-Meg

Dam: Krause Farms Suzy Q
Grand-sire: SGCH New Dreams Mag Ratatouille +*B VEV 87 Elite Sire
Grand-dam: SG Wind Shine Oreo Blast 4*M VEEV 89

IMG_3587-1Photo property of Yolanda @ Cherry Tree Dairy Goats


Dottie’s udder 2018


2/16/18  Dottie joined the herd February 3, along with Esther. These two girls are my first Alpines. Dottie is a bossy and loud girl, but she is very affectionate and loves people.