Raw Milk

We offer fresh raw goat milk for sale. If you are interested, contact me for availability and directions. If you do not have a container I will provide half gallon glass jars for $2 each. Bring them back to swap out!

$5 half gallon + $2 container fee

Per state law all milk purchases must be picked up on location. I hand milk my does daily. Milk is strained and chilled quickly to ensure it stays delicious and will remain fresh for at least seven days. Goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk due to smaller fat globules. Goat milk is also naturally homogenized, which is why you see no thick cream line such as with raw cow milk. It should not have an unpleasant flavor, this is often due to improper handling or poor sanitation. My Nubians give delicious milk and I make every effort to ensure it stays that way. I do not pasteurize, all goat milk from me is raw. Please do your research before you purchase raw milk, I would like everyone to make an informed decision.

Goat milk is good for more than just drinking. Try making yogurt, cheese, or ice cream! You can use it in place of anything you used store bought milk for.



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