The Herd

This page features the members of our herd, click on a name to go to an individuals page.

Purebred Nubian Does

Experimental Does

Purebred Nubian Bucks

All of my goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. The herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johnees. I am hoping to have everyone G6S tested by the end of 2017. Test results will be posted on this page.

I feed free-choice alfalfa pellets and grass hay with a maintenance ration. All pregnant and lactating does receive a daily grain ration. They also have free access to browse in their pasture. I worm as needed based on FAMACHA and fecals. I give a weekly herbal maintenance formula that has improved overall condition and reduced the frequency of needed wormings. I copper bolus twice a year, spring and fall. All goats are vaccinated CD&T with yearly boosters. Hooves are trimmed once a month.

I try to stagger breedings so that I have a supply of milk year round. In the past I pasture bred but am planning to start hand breedings so that I have an accurate due date and can be present for births. Does are dried up prior to kidding to allow their body time to recharge and focus on the growing kids.

2017 Herd Test ALL NEGATIVE!

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